We provide both vertical and oblique photographs.

Oblique Aerial Photography shows the bird’s eye view of the area with a blend of the horizontal ground level and the vertical view of the subject. It is most commonly used for real estate, development and landmark photography.

Vertical Aerial Photography is just that, a photo shot straight down. Also know as a satellite view. This is most commonly used for engineering, construction, or surveys. It gives a true map feel to the photo, similar to what is seen on internet mapping sites, but our photos are much more current and higher resolution. We also have the capability of “stitching” many of the vertical photos together to make a large photo mosaic map.
All of our photos can be enhanced and marked at your direction. We are able to mark the photo cut the haze, brighten the colors, and generally fine tune the photography, customizing it to your requirements.

Here are a few examples of the type of clients we serve:

  • Utility District Surveys
    Monitor the latest developments within and around your district.
  • Construction Progress Documentation
    Document a photographic record of the construction progress for your clients, investors, & appraisers
  • Real Estate
    Show your property from the best possible angle. One of our pictures can show the layout of the property, the view, as well as the frontal facade.
  • Development
    View your current or future project from above. Show your investors or clients the scope and scale of your project.
  • Land Survey
    Get a better handle on your farm or hunting lease. Count cattle, look for hunting areas, or survey your property. This can be done better from the air.